Friday, December 30, 2016

a 2017 of travel dilemmas – *part 1

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Especially in 2017 travelers must decide whether they are concerned about safety, price, in addition to the usual individual choices about adventure, relaxation, a mix of both, or whatever else moves a traveler to want to travel on their vacation.

The worst of the problems about safety came from refugee migration in 2016, mainly when refugee migrants were welcomed to Germany by Angela Merkel without restraint in late 2015, and the numbers increased as economic migrants from North Africa, as well as migrant refugees from wars and economic failures have touched every country in the Western world, including the USA.

If safety is important, don’t book in advance—I recommend last minute bookings within a month or less of travel, especially if there has been a terror related incident in a particular country, you know hotels will lower prices, also airlines will have cancellations because tour companies have booked space they can’t use, tour operators will be flooded with cancellations and will want to offer a great discount, that’s when safety versus price will be a big consideration.

The question of travelers safety in 2017 will greatly affect price—in fact, bargains are to be had if a traveler decides price is more important than safety.

I recommend keeping in mind the headlines and latest terror warnings when booking a trip, however, the biggest bargains exist for traveling overseas to countries in Western Europe now beset by migration away from the war torn middle east plus from wars as well as poverty in North Africa.

Expect discounts galore in the prosperous Western world where terrorists mix with the refugees in a lethal mix, also expect neighboring countries to be afflicted with migrants who refuse to take a closed border as a deterrent to their entry into Germany, regardless of the obstacles.

The best way to find those travel bargains comes via some initial research starting with the tourism bureaus of each country you may want to visit—look up hotel packages to find the average price, and any alternative accommodations that can fulfill the requirements for a memorable experience.   

For those travelers who need to secure travel arrangements specifically on certain vacation days, I recommend booking tours only with a tour operator who is a member of USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association)—this organization mandates that each tour operator maintains an insurance policy to protect client deposits, therefore in case a terror threat or some other catastrophe cancels the tour every client gets a full deposit refund.

*part 2 explores travel choices where safety is no problem but prices are higher

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