Thursday, October 19, 2017

Found: Green theme meets historic

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As a pampered Excelsior Palace Treiste guest I was enjoying a 10 day stay at Star Hotels’ CEO’s historic property when I was led into Emperor Franz Joseph’s bathroom replete with what I expect of modern plumbing.
I wondered if I was really in 2017 or a 1911 time warp bathroom
In “reality” I was an unknowing  participant in Star Hotel’s CEO Elisabetta Fabri’s mission re “tourism in the future.”
So far Starhotel’s “Green” environmental sensitivity has enhanced Emperor Franz Joseph’s 1911 vintage palace, following the UN’s environmental edict for “consumption” limits without imposition to guests who want the amenities of modern conveniences.

 Let me attest to the fact that I was a bit upset when my recent booking experience resulted in a lag time re accepting my credit card payment, plus a misunderstanding re payment applied in Dollars rather than Euros—all was cleared up when I arrived, my stay at this hotel was more than I could have wanted and so much better than I expected.   
 Treiste Excelsior Palace has a few apartment suites available upon request only, and I was fortunate to be in one of them—still in my memory is the *sunset, then a *night perfect balcony view, and *vistas as far as the green mountains that are snow clad come the winter.
It was fun shopping like I was a Treiste native at the within walking distance supermarket PAM, where meat and produce are incredibly fresh and so inexpensive it was beyond belief considering what I usually pay for less than fresh where I live in the USA.
There I was dining like Franz Joseph’s Queen for the hotel’s “complementary” full breakfast, then enjoying a bag lunch to take with me while exploring the city, and then dinner cooked by me to my liking with Excelsior Palace’s collection of Italian-made perfection pots.

     Travel is enriching and can be a safety valve against a daily world chaotic.
     What can you expect re value accommodations at this 4* property?
     According to Starhotel’s spokesperson hotel amenities includes: water kettle in all rooms, except classic rooms, Expresso machine in all rooms (not a regular coffee maker), and the dedicated Fitness facility available to all guests.
     If you find your way to this Starhotel’s Treiste historic property expect tranquility and “old world” almost perfect mesh with modern convenience, a plus plus value for money spent, definitely a 5* stay despite being listed as a 4* hotel.




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