Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A primer about the choosing of a hotel…

Traveling is matter of pruning common sense toward the skeptical about what services are offered without a place to a corporate reputation to protect.  To complain about the dishonest representation of a hotel's services, it's a mistake to be dependent on the hotel that may not care about their reputation.  Whenever traveling either in the USA or overseas, I have found that hotel standards can be more easily determined by consulting a chain hotel's website for information re any hotel that is listed—look at the services provided, and what is guaranteed, the cancellation policy and special prices that may be available during certain times of year or days of the week. 
There is always a USA tollfree number for a person to person questioning, which may not be available for a hotel that is not affiliated with a chain franchise or direct ownership by the chain corporation—even hotels that are owned by a franchise group have to maintain the corporate standards and guarantees. 

Though, when overseas, it may be tempting to book a very picturesque private property, keep in mind that what is stated on the website or recommendation site may or may not be accurate.  If you don't mind a bad night's stay because you are moving on to another destination, then there's no problem.

Keep in mind that individual properties offer lower prices for longer stays, and to book a lower price you will have to book more than 1 night.  In my case, re booking a hotel in Frankfurt, where I plan to travel to from Hamburg so that I can adhere to my comforttravel@less$ without sacrificing serenity and a rest from traveling several hours by train meant using a chain hotel with a tollfree USA reservation service.  My plan to depart for Paris re a direct train from there at 8:15 a.m., allows me the luxury of choosing a hotel within walking distance to the Frankfurt's central station.

From my research online, I discovered that I could get the services I want (private bathroom and room service if I want it, decent size room, 24 hour telephone service to the front desk, and a wakeup call + coffee maker) at the corporate chain Choice Hotels.  I plan to wheel my luggage to this city within a city, the huge Hauptbahnhof, without a hassle—I was watching the price considering the competition for 3 star hotels within proximity to my point of departure for Paris, and I noticed that the Choice Hotel chain had a 3 star rating but the amenities were in my opinion worth a 4 star rating, with coffee maker in the room and small beverage refrigerator + room was a decent size with private bathroom also blow dryer for hair.

See my next post for more discoveries that I made about my choice of a Choice Hotel in Frankfurt.   

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