Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When making a travel booking research pays off…

The fact that the neighborhood adjacent to the central station and my Choice Hotel, The Clarion Collection, is a red light district came up when I did the research, re possible noise factor for room overlooking the district—I found that by requesting a corner room, I could avoid this possible interference with my sleep.  This wasn't a problem for me, I have been in Frankfurt before, and I know the red light district is patrolled by the police—not because there are problems, the women who conduct their business want police protection handy.  These women maintain shop front windows to advertise to prospective clients. 
Engaging in prostitution is Frankfurt, Germany, is a legal business endeavor without any measurement of the morality.  These are businesses that pay taxes to the city of Frankfurt.  The city of Amsterdam has a similar district, and I've been there too—in both of these cities many tourists walk by in the daylight hours to see the store front displays of mostly beautiful women who sit comfortably aware that they are on view, they charge top price for their services, which are government controlled re health screenings and rate scale.

I was able to secure a good price plus the ability to cancel up to 24 hours prior to my reservation—I also was expecting that if I gave my credit card information, I would get an immediate e-mail acknowledgement with a list of service and features I could count on—and when I researched restaurants within walking distance, I found one featuring prime steaks at a very reasonable price, and I e-mailed the hotel directly (I obtained the address from the USA reservations) and asked them to book me a dinner reservation, also I asked for a corner room. 
And I received an overnight courteous reply overnight, re the restaurant reservation I wanted, and that my request for a room location was noted. 

More about the other hotels I choose, and my train reservations in my next post.

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