Friday, August 9, 2013

Travel plans can often take time

*A MESSAGE FOR MY READERS:  I will be away from mid-August through October and I am setting out several posts that will have the same date which can be read as if posted at different times.

The thrust of this post how to achieve comforttravel@less$—travel plans can often take time, but trust me when I say that every moment spent is worthwhile—though of course my NO MORE HOTELS (TM) E-book destination city series will make it almost effortless to do this preplanning.  In these destination city E-books—I intend to present the logistics of the preplan process for my readers.  My reader can then access the internet (either on their reader, or laptop/desktop computer, to link on to the websites I suggest as best for making preplans.  The first of these E-books No More Hotels In Paris is in the writing and research process—and I expect this book to be ready in time for vacation high season next year.  Keep checking out my website for information and follow this blog for my progress.

Now, how to tackle preplanning logistics, as I did for this voyage on the Queen that needed doing for comforttravel@less$, and to get all of my hotel reservations, train tickets + determine where to rest up, it took me 6 days.  I spent a few hours at a time to accomplish small portions of research online and then a few hours on the phone. 

Here's what I did. 

Keep in mind that I want value for my money, and to get it, I had to preplan smart, which means I had to know my final destination from the cruise port—Southampton for the return voyage on October 8.  I had 8 days to get there.  Yet, I didn't want to stay in Paris where I could get the Eurostar to London and from there get to Southampton, I wanted to stay somewhere close enough to allow me to leave the day before October 8, and spend October 7 overnight in Southampton to be ready to board the Queen at 12 noon.

I looked online for a map of France, as I determined that I needed to be in the proximity of Paris, but find a restful relaxing 7 days. I also was thinking about taking a ferry to Southampton from somewhere in France.  But this turned out to be a bad idea, once I did more online search and determined that a ferry to Southampton was chancy.

AND NOW my readers, take a break, and see my next post to find out how I settled on the better way.

* *I am a multitask writer, as I am also in the process of writing my latest fiction novel, Book II, PARIS WARP Jousting Devils And Dragons but this is a trilogy which explores the supernatural as it exists in tandem with the world as we know it.  The trilogy starts with Book I, The Haunting And Paradise Taxi/print ISBN 9780615685434 print also available as E-book Nook Smashwords Edition ISBN 9780989053600 BarnesandNoble Apple ; Sony;Kobo /Sony/Kobo). Check out my websites maintained by Authors Guild:  and  .    

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