Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My readers reap the benefit of my experience as a CTC certified travel professional…

From some not so pleasant past outcomes re booking travel reservations, I also knew that I would be better off reserving directly with the representatives of the hotel chain.  I was expecting confirmation with a Supplier credit card ID attached to my purchase which indicates I paid, and an e-mail confirmation for my booking specifying the rates quoted. 
The reservations clerk told me I couldn't book this special price online, to obtain the price quoted I would have to give her my credit card information.  She assured me that I would receive an immediate rate confirmation by e-mail.  I was wary.  If I booked online I could keep a copy of the web page reservations, but the price was too low to resist.  I asked if I could cancel, and she told me that was why I was offered the discounted price, which made sense—from my many years of writing travel writing and about hotels and tour offerings worldwide, I knew that most hotels want to count on a certain number of rooms filled at certain times. 

I complied, gave her my credit card number, and the booking was made, and I told the reservationist to hang on while I checked for the e-mail. 
When I didn't received it, I told her that I wanted to cancel the reservation, which she said was not an available option—and let this be a lesson learning for my readers, especially when booking with an independent online Hotel reservations site—in this case, I also knew that by dealing with Mercure directly, the charge would show up on my credit card with their supplier ID. 
PLEASE NOTE:  If this had happened with a hotel reservations service, I would have a problem as to the liability of the hotel chain re the discount price quoted—see my next post for the electronic glitch outcome…
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