Tuesday, August 20, 2013

If all's well that ends well, I won't know until I get there…

At the Paris public transport website RATP, I used the link for the bus service (my departure point and arrival) and the search for a likely direct bus was successful.  I knew that I could enter the bus at the back if I needed to as long as I had a ticket, which I could easily purchase on the main arrival level at St. Lazare station, with no steps to worry about.  I planned to buy 2 bus tickets—1 for use on the return from Le Havre to Paris. 
The #26 bus was direct to/from Paris Est or Nord and to/from St. Lazare—just 1 block from either of those stations. 
A taxi would and could be more than 20 Euros during the times of day of my arrival and departure.  The bus fare @2.50 Euros could be given to the bus driver, all I had to do was to have the exact amount in Euros.  I planned to get some Euros at the Frankfurt central station, as Deutsche Bank ATM"s are available there (this is one the Euro banks that doesn't charge an ATM fee), and I can get change from the hotel clerk at my hotel in Frankfurt.  I also researched the locations of some likely SNCF boutique stores locations in Le Havre. 
I printed out all the above information to put in my envelope with the travel reservation documents. 

My trip planning and reservations made, also the means to get to Southampton from London was assured, best of all, I knew that whatever happened within that 24 hour window of time I had allowed myself, I would  board  the Queen Mary 2 in Southampton and I wouldn't miss my paid for return to the USA.  The worst scenario would be to have only a few hours to spare, and I would lose my 32.50 Pounds advance reservation ($60 approximately).
Yet, I am now sanguine and awaiting my coming adventure—my next post will be when I return, and I'll let you know what happened, till then it's, bon voyage.

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