Tuesday, August 20, 2013

the bugaboo, prepaid train tickets, and more…

Insofar as my experience with travel planning, the biggest problem I have encountered is this perpetual quandary:  should I make train reservations when getting somewhere within a certain period of time is crucial.  This is the first quandary that beset me in this back to back transatlantic cruise on the Queen Mary 2.   With only 8 days to spare in-between the cruises, I didn't have any time to spare re standing on line queues that are always packed with eager travelers who have waited to make their plans until the last minute, or who needed to make changes to reservations that may or may not be changeable. 

I had to choose to make my train reservations keeping mind that I wanted to have comforttravel@less$, which meant advance reservations at better prices.  Let me be clear, I am never happy with cementing travel plans that may necessitate cancellation, and this having to pay in advance makes me leery of what I will lose if my plans are incorrect. 

The fact is that there is no way to avoid advance planning if there is a set time for travel to be completed and for a return back home. 

Though, to keep your losses (and there well may be some) to a minimum, setting up the hotels (or other places to stay) is a necessity.  And for my blog readers, please note, that I am making these travel advice postings that happen to coincide with my current transatlantic cruise in short spurtsreading a talking head giving advice is tiresome for me, so I assume this applies to my readers too—read more about my hotel reservations in the next post.
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