Friday, December 18, 2015

safe travel destinations for 2016 versus bargain destinations

NOTE:     This blog has no ads and I'm not beholden to tour companies or airlines, and that's why I can offer to my readers the truth about the bargain travel destinations of 2016.

     The best of 2016 travel bargains are in the very same international destinations where there are people living in tents along the roads and hovering at borders with fences filled with anger and total despair that their route to the countries that invited them is suddenly closed.
     Yet the trains and other means of transportation remain open to those with the right passports.
     If personal safety and the ability to ignore the masses of humanity who must trample the fields and meadows of picturesque roads to reach the destination where they believe they can have a better life, then by all means take advantage of the 20% and more discounts that major tour companies are offering for the tours that are no longer desirable for all of the above reasons, expect lower airfares too.
     Sadly, 2016 travel in the United States as well is not safe from the so called "home grown terrorist" that will increasingly pick soft targets that could be anywhere, any place.
     Travel to China is a health hazard due to the prevailing pollution that mandates wearing a mask to avoid developing COPD and worse,while travel to South America opens up the possibility of unrest in certain countries, and great economic differences indicate avoiding the areas of poverty where crime is a problem, ditto the countries in Africa where there are insurrections & dictators that keep their people in poverty.
     The Caribbean is always a bargain safe destination,  Bermuda is a bit more  pricey but just as safe and both do offer a guaranteed tan plus refuge from a  global world in turmoil.
     So where does a 2016 traveler go to enjoy a pleasant vacation that isn't necessarily a discounted bargain?
     The international destinations that have been reserved for more exotic travel are now the prime places to find safety from the problems of living where terror exists, for instance, travel to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand can promise a vacation of exploring without worry about bombs and dodging a huddled humanity impelled by the yearning for a better life so desperate to flee war and poverty.
     As usual cruising to the Carribbean, Hawaii, Bermuda, Alaska are winners, and are a bargain hunters paradise for those who book later rather than sooner.
     For those who to make 2016 plans in advance, prices to the exotic destinations will remain competitive, but come travel season the nature of supply and demand will affect tour companies as well as airlines, the increased demand for destinations that are  safe and free from terror will mean raised prices to travel to book the exotic destinations that for most mean longer flights and more travel time than the seven day vacation.
     Those international bargain destinations affected by recent terrorist attacks are the same countries that cannot reign in migration from war torn lands or where poverty inspires hopes and aspirations for a better life by finding asylum in countries with the highest standard of living—as panic grows in the tourism industry of those countries overwhelmed by migrants and while advance bookings plummet, tour companies will lower prices & discount  like mad so don't book too early if you are determined to travel among the humanity camping on the roads and lying on street corners waiting to get to the countries where the welfare benefits and services are most generous.
     I suggest not booking your cruise too early in 2016, if you can wait then the bargain will fall into your lap—3-4 months in advance of the cruise date is about right to get a good deal.

     The comfort travel ideal that this blog represents is:  vacation with comfort, enjoy memorable moments, escape from a 21st century global world in total chaos, and to come back into reality thoroughly rested, ready to cope with living life on life's terms—enjoy the end of 2015, and let's all hope for gentler & more peaceful 2016. 

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