Sunday, January 1, 2017

a 2017 of travel dilemmas – part 3

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The emergence of social media into the travel scene brings another dimension to the travel experience, but can’t remove worries about safety in the travel destinations beset by migrants from wars and poverty interspersed with ISIS inspired followers.

Airbnb is expanding with apps, as well as offering business travelers hookups with large scale travel organizations like American Express Global Business Travel + with airlines who are granting miles for stays, however, the end result is another step toward establishment of a mega travel company catering to both business and consumer oriented travel experiences. 

The appearance of EMOJI use by airline customer service departments can help resolve booking problems and other dilemmas that involve cancellations.

Look online for specialty travel by using your search engine slot to query whatever you want, for instance if cooking based trips are what fuels the travel experience, ask for “cooking tours in Italy” or “wine tasting,” also use the search engine slot to query for “fish restaurants in…” whatever city and find local bloggers that write about where to eat, however, this is best for travelers who are already there with smart phones to map directions.

IPhone users can use the free use apps or pay for a specialty app to get traveler information about the local scene in a destination city, other smart phones are equipped similarly, but the idea is to go online to discover what is available to enhance the travel experience.     
Of course, use the social network followers of choice, whether Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, even Pinterest, to have a great travel experience in 2017, but also focus on the importance of price versus safety.

It’s a given the chaos in the civilized world will not get better until the focus is on the international political elites to protect travelers and the citizens who elected them, rather than what so far is the social engineering sacrifice of what may seem to the political elites as just a few lives.

In the meantime travelers may suffer unknown hazards versus a global world of commerce interests fueled by the influx of non-union lower-paid complacent workers that may overrule any terrorist inspired incidents.