Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Another glass of half full blog: Forecast for your 2019 travel

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   I’ve been hedging about whether or not to write this end of 2018 year blog, I am uncertain about making any predictions, and I hate to mislead, nor do I want to pervert my stated purpose of less $ comfortable travel.
    Unfortunately, the news that I am permitted to read in the USA which is slanted towards a glass half full, views that the whole world is in disorder, and all more so here in the USA.
    Oddly, there are no “yellow jackets” protesting and burning the elite compounds in major USA cities, nor are people sleeping in the streets, except in “sanctuary cities” in the states of California, Washington, and New York, since there are no housing projects in those cities located in the states I mentioned made available for the influx of illegal refugees from economic disasters worldwide, who come to these USA sanctuaries to work for less than the prevailing wage mostly off the books, which politicians like the most.
    Even the poor undocumented aren’t complaining, they believe they will eventually have the vote when they bring their children into the world, and if they don’t yet legally have the vote in some of their sanctuaries, they get to use the “honor” system, but they “honor” their need and accept in kind contributions for aiding the candidates who love them.

    Forgive me, I’ve vented my frustration, moreover, I’ve digressed insofar as less $ comfortable travel, the USA is dull and boring as I find  it at the end of 2018.
    With only “themed” boutique Inns catering to those financially full of pension cash, and those who are employed at cash levels bordering on less work for more money than ever before, there is no more “real” town, only those that survive as “must see” places are staged and $$$ trove craft heavy for what used to be “homemade” by mother stuff.

    Now for overseas travel, there is the usual Australia, and New Zealand where women reign and govern with babies on their hip, Hong Kong and Taipei, if their host country, China, is in a good mood.
    Again, these are 2019 destination $$$ heavy for comfortable travel, but available to the pension retiree who is quickly moving toward their bucket, even while they eat their way to a medical intervention, that will postpone the consequences for over eating to fill up and to take advantage of what they missed when they were young, by working for little government pay—in those gratefully gone years when government employment wasn’t looked upon as a great job.

    And that leaves the new Communist free now Western nations composed of the more as the USA press labels “extreme right wing” where less $$$ comfortable travel is in effect, and good law and order destinations if you aren’t worried about the “right wing” leaning governments that the USA press say are bad places.
    The parts of Italy that lay far south into Sicily are yet good for my stated blog purpose of less $$$ comfortable travel, but keep away from the islands that are overpriced aimed at the pension cash crowd bourgeoisie worldwide, good for this blog's stated purpose most definitely the Austrian and “far right” wing nations that the USA media may define as less than free to European union dictum, like the city of Trieste, where people from warring nations meet and speak without rancor as they enjoy the beauty of a tranquil seaside and the best food ever.

    I’d stay away from France and Germany.
   Stay away from all the destinations that are experiencing the consequences of unbridled immigration from warring nations in the Mideast, whose people have fled to bring their political divisions and opinions to the lands that granted them refuge, but they can’t experience tranquility until they explode their anger toward destruction of a few persons here and there, who were part of the welcome mat that is now dirty with the rage.

    Is there any place left where travel in 2019 is happy, worry-free and less $$$ for comfortable travel?

    I don’t know about you, but I’m still going back to Trieste, it's where my $$$ go far and when I’m there I am expecting to tranquilly contemplate my next sea view, and my trip to the market to buy the best for my dining table—even this has a negative, there isn’t an easy way to get there without driving from Venice, or from one of the so-called “right wing” lands, or the 2 flights necessary, leaving from Rome not always plane gate friendly, and then with a 4-staircase long down to airport arrival, if you are carrying luggage, it’s necessary to start flexing muscles and do weight training in lieu of a wheelchair that gets to go into the arrivals area directly.    

    Please accept my apologies for this inglorious travel forecast, I can only wish you, whoever you are, wherever you are, a better 2019 than  I can travel forecast in this end of 2018 blog post, but I warned you, this another half full glass blog to end 2018..