Sunday, March 4, 2018

Is there a travel destination utopia?

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For me, there isn’t a travel destination utopia
   But I have fond memories about the first European vacation I took.
   Against the advice of a veteran travel agent who told me to concentrate on one country, stay in the main city and take day trips, I opted for an on the road vacation.
   For the 2 weeks of my vacation I traveled through 5 countries, flew into London, stayed overnight and traveled to Paris. 
   In Paris I rented a car and from there traveled to Switzerland, into Italy over the mountains and via the road along the Mediterranean through Monaco into the south of France, back to Paris for an overnight then home to the USA.

   There are well known travel sites that tout lists of the top travel destinations, like Lonely Planet, for instance lists the top for 2018.

   Yet I believe that the travel destination utopia is one we fantasize about.
   Perhaps the best destination are many, it depends on what you want for the time off that you have to focus on the day by day and moment to moment challenge of being away from home wherever that is.
   The prime utopia travel destination can be just getting away from the everyday monotony of working, coming home, eating dinner, and getting ready to go to work again.
   Just waiting for a real vacation from your day to day existence will bring you toward your travel destination utopia,  whether you’ll find your utopia destination is up to the travel gods.
   Good luck!