Monday, December 7, 2020

what's the travel picture in 2021?

 If the global world stops being the doctor and mandating no this, no that, yet somehow in the unhealthiest situation, flying in an airplane, there's nothing to worry about, then all sense of what's really going on is passed onto the top in charge of the masses, who determine if and whether we can  ever again enjoy our past level of prosperity.

 Sadly, this is the 21st century of another 1920's when the rich became richer and poor starved or worked harder to get less of the goody pie, there will be in 2021 travel for the upper classes, those special persons who have prospered during the virus, they work from home, those priviliged who are in the best situation they've ever been, sleep late, do less, answer the phone or do work only when necessary, the bosses aren't planning to check up on their chosen few special pet workers.

 Let's forget about planeloads of tourists going to Paris, or to Madrid or Milan for the fashion parties, now it's back to the posh transport of smaller boats, charter plane for those who have the spare cash to indulge, they want to have charter everything and the charter companies will grow exponentially in 2021, from this point on, my travel blog will be primarily about my best travel memories and I have some 3 or 4 decades to recount for those who would like to know what it was like from 1950-2000, after which came the cattle flying airplanes, the flying public reduced to the former Greyhound bus experience, train travel even in Euope dumbed down to fast speeds and 0 dining experience.

I wish I had a better travel outlook, but the global picture says the same, the masses work harder, they are the ants who marshal services for the privileged who will be a smaller and smaller list of who gets the major part of the best that there is, memories like mine will be at a premium, some might say a fantasy of a world when everyone enjoyed the best of life if they wanted it.