Friday, July 7, 2017

Mind travel basics

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If you have never visited the place you want to travel to, it helps if you mind travel—the idea of that is to do more than imagine what your destination might be like, you can mind travel by virtual means.
The other day, I used the virtual means of mind travel to make up my mind about the accommodation I plan to book when I visit Geneva, Switzerland.
Although I’m not traveling until next June, I want to book the Aparthotel that I found by looking on the hotel booking Internet sites, operated by Ibis, of the French based Accor Hotel group, and I know that early booking is best for hotel operated apartment studios, because they fill up with canny Europeans who prefer self catering hotels.
Then I decided to mind travel by virtual means, and I used Google maps to find the street where the Ibis Aparthotel was located, and from the picture of that street plus surrounding streets, I knew that I wasn’t going to stay there.   
I still wanted to stay at an Aparthotel, and I checked out the Geneva Tourism site, to determine if they had any Aparthotel listings—on that site I discovered a list of several Geneva Aparthotels, I picked the one I preferred.
This time I entered the name of the Aparthotel I found on the site, and the street I needed to mind travel via the virtual of Google’s map, once again, I wasn’t charmed by the streets around the site. 
I went back to the Internet via the Yahoo search engine, in the slot I typed in the following: Aparthotels in Geneva, Switzerland, and found another website: Geneva Booking service, with several Aparthotels listing, one of them was exactly what I was looking for, from the photos and location, I knew this Aparthotel was perfect, plus the price was in line all the others that were imperfect.

My advice to you is to try the mind travel route via virtual means even if you plan to take a tour—mind travel all the hotels on your tour, then decide whether your vacation plans will live to your expectations.