Monday, January 11, 2021



PLEASE NOTE:           

Let I be considered an insurrectionist or a domestic terrorist.  In this post and succeeding posts in this era of crimes against the state, I am asking questions. 

I have no opinions. 

It is my understanding that the host of this blog, Google,  has announced a ban on YouTube for speech that would create  a conflict.  I am not certain about what Google feels is not in the best interest of their policy and the public policy.

I do hope that Google launches a "badge" program to show that published blogspot posts have been approved, then like a Good Housekeeping Seal I can proudly display it.


The reason for travel is so varied that I can ask a question.

QUESTION:  why travel


I can also ask a series of questions about why travel.

Does each individual determine why they travel?

Is travel a family or individual decision?

What does travel mean?

Is travel a way of participating in the world?

Does travel allow for down time from the chores of living?


In this 2021 world the need to travel well for less $ may no longer applicable.


ANSWER #1:  2021 has come with a continued terrible pandemic and MEMORIES OF 2020 POLITICAL disputes/invasions of property/deaths that ensued,  and in 2021, even the sacred houses of government defiled with 5 deaths as a result, and it may be that POTUS 46 and his government may enact laws about exactly what is considered seditious or akin to domestic terrorism.

ANSWER #2:  If I do express my thoughts which I hope will not be considered seditious or akin to domestic terrorism, I could possibly express an opinion contrary to those who in the power structure of government.  I could offend the powerful corporations that can silence my means of blogging should they decide I have violated their rules.


In essence, I am offering just information, no opinions.

I will become a researcher for my readers of what was formerly an opinion based on knowledge travel for less $ blog.  For the foreseeable future  I will turn the focus of my travel blog into observations and questions about travel.  I'll also offer direct quotes from newspapers in other countries that express their opinion about the viability of traveling to their country. 


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